Thursday, April 12, 2007

You Can't Say ANYTHING to Me

Curiosity and basic purience had me type "Penetrometer" into a search engine. Of course it's a serious scientific instrument. We already know it's used to test soil and has even been sent into space.

It is also "A simple method for testing fruit firmness".

If you're like me, that phrase makes you snort. And I can think of at least one person (Michael), possibly two (Michael) who could, with a mere eyebrow raise, simply FILL it with innuendo. I'm restraining giggles just thinking about it.

Once you've slid into this particular mental gutter, the further you read down the list, the worse it gets. You can find pocket penetrometers, and dynamic penetrometers, a penetrometer bath, even a moisture sensing penetrometer(I imagine such warnings might be sometimes necessary).

And the pictures don't always help dispel the unintended interpretations.

I would not be surprised to see items like this show up on one day...probably under "Gifts and Objets d'Art".

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