Saturday, April 21, 2007

So Far, So Average

The first day of the Con went surprisingly smoothly. Aside from the usual gawkers wandering in where they aren't supposed to be and one guy approaching the room manager with a fake "security" badge to get in early.

There has been, already, con funk. It hit me as I stepped off the elevator, before the con had even begun! ARGH! BATHE BEFORE YOU COME.

Lesseee, what else? Oh, I got Robert J. Sawyer's autograph on a few books -- I'm enjoying Calculating God very much, on several levels. I picked on David Coe, whom I think is just lickably cute. And I've been having a delightful time flirting ever so delicately with Robert Quill, artist and pirate extraordinaire, which is definately diverting. Usually The Husband gets to do all the flirting and so forth, but I'm feeling a lot less like wallpaper and more like a person this convention (shock! amazement! I put on heels and a nice blouse. I'm wearing MAKEUP!). Business is reasonably good -- not great, not terrible -- and we've had a load of custom orders.

Sadly, nothing humorous has actually happened. There's been no outstandingly annoying behavior, no particular weirdness, and really, as cons go, this one has been very well behaved and polite. In fact, except for the occasional costume and whiff of unwashed human, it's hard to tell this is a science fiction/fantasy convention. On the other hand, once the room parties and heavy drinking begin, I'm tucked safely into my hotel room.

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