Friday, April 27, 2007

Paper and Plastic

When I get bored with "World's Wildest Police Videos" and my head is less drippy, I am packing books. They have to be packed eventually, so I'm starting now. I'm only packing the ones I've read and only paperbacks. I'm putting them in plastic bags and then into the cheap cardboard file boxes from Office Depot. I have bags that will hold a normal sized paperback -- the kind with about 200 pages -- and a lot of comic book bags. The other size I need isn't available right now and I've used all mine up. I may have to go through and pull skinny books out of them. I don't know how long they may be stored, so I want to preserve them as best I can.

The whole time I'm thinking about the books I'm packing. The larger bags will hold two or sometimes three books, and in the odd way my brain works, it's somehow disrespectful to put James Herriot in with John Irving, but Kurt Vonnegut should be right next to Tom Robbins, and Anne Tyler is ok next to Banana Yoshimoto. I put my copy of the Communist Manifesto in with Mary Renault's The Persian Boy, though. That made me laugh.

I went through the science fiction and fantasy a while ago, and just added to those three boxes. Now I've got another two boxes filled, and I'm having to fit in the trade size and odd sized paperbacks. I don't know quite what to do with the hardbacks yet. I know from watching my friend the Book Pimp (aka Evil Book Lady, but she's been sick with the same crud I have, so I'll go easy on her) that you have to fit the hardbacks in as best you can. I was thinking about just getting the huge supply of plastic grocery bags I have and using those to provide a little protection. Books in a box will get moist and buggy, even with a little cat fur thrown in.

My shelves in the library are starting to look practically normal, with few double stacks. I've had to stop myself from rereading several times -- two pages of The Three Muskateers, the opening chapter of The Beekeeper's Apprentice, a random section from The Accidental Tourist.

I really do love my books. It would be has hard to live without them as to live without The Husband or the cats.

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