Sunday, April 22, 2007


Once again, a very nice con, which leads to a complete lack of stories to tell about it. Everyone was pleasant. We made decent sales, so we are encouraged to come back again next year. We've just packed out and loaded the van, and I am in the room pondering the state of my spine, said spine being very unhappy with me. We head out tomorrow to South Carolina and the next batch of Ifs.
That fellow is Robert Quill, and he did a very fine inked sketch of the Husband in a sexy squashbuckler stance. I promised that I'd tell all 4 of you that if you go to his site and arrange for a custom drawing, and you mention you heard about him from me, he'll give you a little discount or a peek at his collection of "naughty" drawings. Something like that. He was cool.

There were bits of drama swirling around -- it's a con, which is all it takes -- but being the quiet, withdrawn, gentile sort we are, we managed to avoid all of it. Such a con is rare.

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