Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Bunny

We took MIL to Harmoni for their brunch. I had the most excellent French Toast thing. It was like a bread pudding only not squishy, it was like French Toast only not sick with syrup and it was made of pieces of bread that just wanted to be all together. Was very much good. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a cooler with us, so no really good cheeses. And they still haven't gotten a new shipment of Vosges candy bars, so no delicious chocolate. What kind of Easter has no chococlate?

Even more surprising was that, while all the restaurants, strip malls and convenience stores were open, the malls and larger places were closed. MIL wanted to hit two malls in South Orlando. Both are big tourist malls, and both were closed -- except for some restaurant action in one of them. It pretty much cut our planned day short, so we drove home again. I don't remember Easter being a big holiday from shopping around here, but maybe it's because I don't tend to leave the house much on Sundays. Easter isn't a big day for us. I'm only in it for the chocolate.

The Husband surprised me yesterday by announcing I had some Amazon gift cards coming. Apparently one of our credit cards had a secret rewards points program -- secret because we didn't know diddly about it. Since he wants a new phone, he decided to claim them on gift cards -- some for him, and to assuage any guilt he might feel about getting himself a new goodie, some for me. So, I've been going through my Amazon wishlist (the public one is a modest list, but I have much more extensive lists hidden away).

I can't pick anything. In fact, there are a number of things I've deleted because I don't think I really want them. That's one reason I keep private lists -- I'll snag things on impulse and let them sit, and later I'll see if they are still as attractive as they looked when I first saw them. Well, nothing in my lists really said "You want me right now" when I looked at it. So I went through my recommendations. More nothing. I had a few slight twitches of interest here and there, but I didn't really feel the need to spend the money.

It must be the complete lack of Easter chocolate screwing with my head.

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