Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lighten the Hell UP!

Ok, so the TV is on and suddenly I hear Sarah McLachlan singing.

In the arms of the angels
Far away from here

and I look up to see images of dogs and cats on the screen. I'm ok until they show a cat who has lost an eye, then a kitten with one eye crusted over, then a dog who has obviously been abused. It's McLachlan's commercial for the ASPCA.

And I lose it. Completely. It's not pretty.

Ophelia is sleeping on the bed next to me -- she got up there herself -- purring a little and snoring a little. Ben is also on the bed, and Bea is curled up in the big butterfly chair. I'm just sobbing. My chest hurst so bad that I can't even reach for the remote control to shut the images off.

I empty my bedside Kleenex box. I terrify Ben by grabbing him and using HIM as a Kleenex while trying simultaniously to hug Ophelia. (Bea was safe on account of greater distance).

So, I need to seriously lighten up here.

Last night, Solonor, Wife of Solonor, and a couple other friends came over to partake in our irregular Champions game and I discovered that just saying the word penetrometer can break up a whole room of geeks for a good ten minutes. Remarking on the various kinds of penetrometers will reduce everyone to wheezes. No one could breath for laughing.

I went over to check on The Queen and learned the Royal Consort intends to feed the world. Personally.

I didn't work out this morning, in part because I overdid it on Thursday and my back hurts, and in part because when The Husband shook me to ask me if I was going today, I thought it was Monday and I should go into the office. And I said so, repeatedly. We decided this meant I should sleep.

And I Can Has Cheeseburger? put up this guy.

In the arms of the angels

May you find some comfort here

Oh, and if you have some spare change, would you mind sending it to the ASPCA so there will be no more eyeless, pathetic animals on TV to break my heart into teeny pieces and make me completely lose it? Thanks.

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