Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well, The Husband went through his first interview -- the big one -- and came out with a 99.9% change of getting into the program without having to take some sort of test. He has to write a letter explaining why his work experience is as valuable as this test would be in judging his fitness to be in the grad program, just so they have it in his paperwork, blah blah blah, and so forth. There's still a chance they could insist on that test. Let's face it -- colleges are not adapted to taking in people who've been in the working world for a while. Colleges are set up for students. Students, as we all know, are not really people. Once you stop being a student, you become a people -- at least, if you get a job.

In between interviews, we went around looking at potential housing. We think we found "the perfect house", which while most likely not be on the market when we are ready to buy, but at least we know it exists. It really was well nigh perfect, despite being tiny. It was very well laid out and the price was excellent. And it was cute.

Also, my particular brand of disease has spread into my glands and ears. I'm not really happy right now. My throat is UNhappy. The joy of getting sick while traveling. Wee.

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