Monday, April 16, 2007

The Diagnosis

is Diabetes, with a possible secondary infection.

The new vet's office is VERY nice -- no crowded waiting room of barking, whining, yowling, hissing animals, no overloaded staff. Diabetes in cats is very treatable -- I have to perfect my injection technique, but it's not all that hard to do. Since we are leaving for Virginia on Thursday, I will be boarding Ophelia there so that they can do more tests to refine her insulin dosage and because I can't expect MIL to come down every day to do it. They will also be able to test and treat for the potential secondary infection. It actually works out fairly well.

I was so worried it was hyperthyroidism. I've already lost a cat (Titania, whom we had only a few weeks and we got when ill, so I did not fall in love with her, knowing she was already mostly doomed, but she was pretty and sweet and the only long hair I've ever had). I was scared it was renal failure, or fatty liver disease, or some kind of cancer. Diabetes, ironically enough, seems practically blessed. Curiously enough, the doctor said that sometimes cats will recover from diabetes.

And yes, Ophelia did pee on the way to the vet, but my plan worked. She only soaked a towel, and I had an extra towel AND a plastic bag for the soaked one. Hehhehheh, nice to know I can outthink a cat.

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