Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Damn it, I'm chatty.

In case I've never made it obvious, I can be incredibly anal about certain things. This weblog, for example. Oh, I'll flop all over and talk about everything you don't want to hear, but the weblog itself has to be just so. I'm still not happy with the layout (I miss my left sidebar) but no happy XML infused person has appeared to save me. The cookie offer is still good.

I've been sorting old posts into the label catagories. You might not have noticed them because they are SO far down on the right sidebar, but it bothers me no end that the majority of my posts are NOT catagorized. I had a catagory system for a while that required me to paste in a little bit of code, but I got lazy and let it lapse until Blogger made it all juicy and tempting again. So, I've been steadily going back through my posts trying to figure out what label each should wear.

You'd think that, with all the trumpet blowing and chestbeating Blogger has done about their update, they'd have come up with a simple system for retrofitting older weblogs to the new design system, but NOOoooooOooo, you'd be thinking wrong thoughts. Instead, there is only a cumbersome hunt and mark individual posts system that, once you select something, snaps you back to the first page of posts (and, no, the little menu choice to put more than 50 posts on a page does NOT work, thankyouverymuch). So, I have been spending hours pouring through old posts, opening them, editing them for labels, and republishing them. I started editing for typos (there are some very naughty "it's/its" violations) but that got old fast. Just getting the labels corrected took enough time.

And I still have some 700 posts to go.

In a more positive light, I've been picking out some of my favorite pasts posts where I think I was particularily clever or I at least made myself snort, and putting them on the ever-lengthening sidebar under the heading "Sampler". You know, for those of you who aren't sure about running through my ENTIRE ARCHIVE for the one or two quality things I've written.

I've also grown nostalgic about weblogs past and a few people I used to chat with regularly who now are among the invisible. Ah, well, everything changes, and it changes faster than usual online. So many sites I once visited regularly either don't exist anymore, or lost whatever it was I enjoyed. I cull my blogroll ruthlessly, if only to keep my freaking sidebar from getting EVEN LONGER.

I had a flash of brilliance while doing the whole catagorizing thing. I went to all the posts I had not labeled and just mass-labeled them "Life in General", figuring I could then just pull out the smaller collection under that heading and find the ones that needed changing. That was about 130+ posts ago.

Damn it, I'm chatty.

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