Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bunny Herding

The Husband has started the rounds of turning Ifs into yesses or nos. We are at the university from which he graduated some 16 years ago, checking into a masters degree program. This is the second big If looming in our future. Should this If become The Future, we would be leaving our current jobs, selling our house, moving out of state, and reducing our lifestyle. It's not as big as the Canada if was, but it's still pretty large.

He's at his second interview now. I'm at the hotel, because there isn't much for me to do while he's running around the campus. The weather is very pretty here, but with finals so near, the campus is full of pretty young things fraught with tension and fear.

I can't think of anything else to say about it at the moment, except that I'm not so much scared it will happen as I'm worried it won't, and I'm worried about what I'll do if this if blooms into a full blown rabbit of the is.

Oh, and apparently I caught some of the germs my friend the Book Pimp carted to the convention. Not her fault, really. It's her husband's, TOAS, who originally adopted the germs and gave her a share, which she dutifully (and inevitably) passed to us. I'm not really sick, but my throat is sore. The Husband has been fighting a cough. Ah, nothing like going to important interviews with germs.

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