Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bunny Eugenics

Because I like to beat a good metaphor into the ground and then dance around on the dusty entrails.

A whole row of Ifs have been turned into hasenpfeffer with one letter in the mail. This is a good thing*, because the particulars of this branch of the If clan was a challenging and problematic one, and it clears out the pasture for the rest of the hoppy little Ifs still chewing grass. There are still plenty of Ifs hanging around, all awaiting resolution one way or another, but at least this one is gone *poof* like it vanished into a hat.

We shall not be moving to Canada.

*this is a good thing not because we hate Canada, which we don't, but because we've been living in the land of Ifs long enough to get a little crazed by it and I am glad that something is certain. We will certainly VISIT Canada as much as we can, as long as they let us in. Canada is gooooood.

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