Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Since When Did I Become A Girl?

Today I was overcome with frilly female inpulses. I wore the Second Cutest Shoes and a skirt to work today.

These are the shoes with the same 3 1/2 inch heel as the Cutest Shoes, but for some reason they don't feel as high. Maybe it's the open toe. Maybe the last is shaped differently. Maybe they are Magic.

I still haven't worked that out. Anyway, I was sort of surprised at myself. Why would I wear high heels to the office? I even put sneakers and socks in a bag to take with me, just in case common sense overtook me at some point -- or if I had to put on my ESD straps to go into the back. Heel straps will not work on high heel shoes.

There's more, though. I put on mascera and lipgloss this morning. Hell, I was surprised to realize I even OWNED lipgloss. I'm pretty much a Chapstick girl. I own cosmetics for those 4 or 5 times a year when I wear it to go out somewhere (or when I'm on stage, where the lights make me look washed out and blank). I buy new mascera because the stuff will go bad and I don't want an eye infection. I've got lipstick -- still whole, with the point! -- from 5 years ago. Most days I'm doing really well if I get matching shoes on and can wrestle my hair into a scrunchie. I don't wear make up to work.

Today, I practically dressed up. I looked like most women look when they work in an executive office, only no suit. I'm not sure what's happened to me. Maybe it's the springtime. Maybe paramenopause is taking control. I don't know.

But I really enjoyed my shoes.

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Alessia Brio said...

I've had some of those girly moments recently, too. Boggles the mind.