Friday, March 09, 2007


Today, Bosszilla ran over my brain and left it on the side of the street. Details (maybe) later.

Update: Ok, recovery has happened. Nothing bad occured, really. It's just that any time my boss attempts to dictate a complex letter while I type is a stressful situation. I type rapidly (especially when I don't give spelling any importance) but Bosszilla can talk VERY quickly. He also tends to repeat himself like a rap sample* before actually getting to the end of the sentence. It's like this..

Bosszilla: And per our last phone conversation when I said, when I said, when I said on the last phone conversation when I said that Tokyo would do this, you said that when we talked on the phone last and I said Tokyo would do this and then you said that...what I meant was...did you get that?

Me: Uh...could you repeat that last part?

It's enough to create an aneurysm, ya know?

*Note: Once upon a time I would have said "like a broken record" but even though it's a well known cliche, how many people out there actually remember what records are, much less understand what a scratched or broken record sounds like? Besides, broken records don't skip and repeat -- they rip the needle off the tone arm. I'm old.

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