Saturday, March 03, 2007

Return to the Snowpantless Lands

I'm sitting in the Reno International Airport using Reno WiFi, which is slow but free. We have a few hours until our flight leaves so I'm taking advantage of my time to update.

Not that a lot really happened. My tubing adventure was my last official interaction with snow. My new mittens didn't even get a try out. Ah, me. It's sort of the way it works when we travel with MIL. You see, that whole "third wheel" thing is absolutely true, and strange as it might seem, I'm the accessory on these trips. The Husband and MIL go do things, and I sit at the room or whatever.

Now, it's not as bad as it might seem. It's just how it works out because, aside from shopping, MIL and I have limited things we like to do together. I don't ski and I really don't see the point in breaking/spraining/bruising anything to learn, much less spending the price of a lift ticket and equipment rental to try out new and exotic, snow-related methods of masochism. If humiliation and pain were really what I wanted, I could make that money go much further at The Husband, of course, likes to ski and such, and admits it is more fun to go with someone than to go by oneself, but he made a point of taking me out of the room sans MIL a few times. And I'm much accustomed to being on my own. I actually got some writing done (shock! amazement!) and mostly enjoyed myself.

Still, I suspect I shall not be volunteering to go on another of these trips. The Husband can go and I shall stay home, should it ever arise as a choice again.

The Reno airport has enough gambling machines to make a casino proud. They are pretty much the only ones I've seen, as casinos hold about as much attraction for me as attending frog dissections with a polka soundtrack. However, one of the machines nearby has this "Australia" theme and makes this sort of didgeree-doo noise every minute. No one seems to be playing any of the 17 machines in the space around our gate.

I'm seriously considering finding the noise maker and kicking it until it dies.

It's going to be a long day. With the three hour time change, we should be arriving somewhere around midnight, and then we have an hour drive home. Still, there's a lot to be said for being home.

I have seen something I didn't know existed. I-Pods now can be purchased from vending machines, along with just about every accessory you could want. I guess that's what they call "the future".

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