Thursday, March 15, 2007

Media Consumption Meme

Lazygal has very kindly provided me with a meme so I don't have to do any thinking. Bless you, LG! I owe you cookies or something.


I'm online much of my day on any given day, but when I'm not (as in the past vacation at Tahoe) I don't really mind so much unless I'm suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to look something up. I occasionally have to do web-related stuff at work. That's an IE/Outlook/keystrokecounted environment, so I have a separate set of bookmarks there. At home it's all Firefox and Yahoo, with a Gmail address for more serious stuff. I don't use a feed aggregator because...well, I tried it and I just don't like condensed stuff. I like using my Bloggroll and checking what I feel like checking.

I'm online probably far too much, but I sort of self monitor and just stop roaming at times to do something else.

NPR in the morning, in the car and at work, and often on the weekends. Otherwise, the local Jazz station or, occasionally, a rock station that has a wide range. On rare occasions I pick up the university station, but it's not a reliable transmission at this distance. I occasionally listen (to NPR) in the evenings for news.

It's on, and I'm sometimes watching it. I'm consistantly on the documentary and educational programming channels -- Discover, History, TLC. I will turn on Spike to catch my version of reality TV -- those Wildest Police Video shows just entertain me no end. I haven't watched a sitcom or TV drama series in well over 14 years, and I have NEVER willingly sat through an episode of ANY reality show. I just can't do it.

Netflix, although I don't use it like I should for what I'm paying. I hate seeing movies in theatres, but will occasionally go with The Husband (reminds me, I need to find earplugs. We are planning to catch 300 this weekend). I use my PVR to catch stuff from TCM, Foxmovies, or the free movie channels we get. I own a LOT of DVDs, which I watch repeatedly. Movies are often background for me.

I hate telephones and will rarely call someone or take a call. If you call me and I answer, you are among the priveledged few. If I call you, you are near to the top of my list of worthwhile people. After too many years working phones, I hate holding some little device next to my head, tying up a hand I could be using to do something while I'm talking, and I'm not much for headphones that tether me to one location or have a wire to tangle. I also resent heartily the assumption that I should drop whatever I am doing to answer a device that without fail makes an annoying noise (blame telemarketing computers). I prefer email or even texting because they wait until I want to talk. I am also still a fan of old-fashioned letter writing, although I don't do it so much these days because few people write back.

Did I mention I hate phones? Ok, I don't mine the IDEA of phones. I just don't want them bossing me around.

Let's just not go there, shall we? Go here, instead. Or here.

I subscribe to Poets & Writers, but I usually forget to read it. I pick up Real Simple fairly regularly, and Bead & Button less often. I'm just starting to get interested in The New Yorker, and I grab trashy fashion/women's magazines because, well, sometimes I get story ideas there.

TAre there still newspapers? What news I don't get via radio, I read online.

Mood and need dictate what I listen to. At work, it's all classical music, (Aaron Copeland and John Rutter are favorites) since that's what the PBS station plays during the day. Lately I've gotten into electronica trance with a side trip through Arabic Lounge. I listen to Napster a lot to find new stuff (I'm deciding whether or not there are enough tracks I like to download more Black Eyed Peas). I am devoted to Tori Amos and The Chemical Brothers, Ella Fiztgerald and Deep Forest. And Sting.

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