Monday, February 26, 2007

Zip-Zop, Zip-Zop

I am in Tahoe

There is much snow

I own snow pants

They go zip-zop.

(in honor of Jammies and Calvin)

Yes, indeed, I am in the far west, nestled in the little elbow of Nevada and California. It's rather strange for me, a Florida girl, to be in thigh deep snow, with more coming down. It apparently started snowing when I arrived. It's been at it since. Blizzardy, in fact.

I create the weather desired for any given trip, but it only works the first time. The MIL and the Husband are ecstatic about the fresh powder and the deep pack. I have no idea what these phrases mean, but I assume it has something to do with strapping sticks to your feet and sliding down mountains. I eschew such silliness. There is a fireplace and a nice window where I can sit and look at all the snow I want.

There is not, however, easy access to the Interwebinet, so my updates shall be on the brief side until I return home. Then, I shall relay many stories about falling in snow, post pictures, and generally be boring about travel.

At least it isn't a slide show in my living room.

For better diversion, check out something Rien revived from the misty past. Ah, he is, indeed, my favorite Dutchman. I like him better even than Rutgar Hauer, which is saying something.

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