Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Can't Outrun the Long Arm of the Law

So, I have done my civic duty today. I got up early, was dropped off at the courthouse (my car is in the shop for a new master brake cylinder -- remember that whole "not stopping" thing?) at 7:30 am and joined about 50 other people in a somewhat overheated room to sit and wait. The judge came out to talk with us -- all the selections should be more or less done by 10:30, he said. There were three trials that day, two for him and one for another judge, so three juries were needed. They called the first round up -- I was not called. So, I sat in my chair and read my book.

I brought two books, as it happens, because I am currently reading two books (not simultaneously, but in shifts). So I started on the one with the most pages left, because I'm weird like that. Besides the other is a murder mystery that's just getting to the gross part and not really intended for reading before breakfast. I read for a long time until everyone started getting restless, chatted for a bit with the man next to me, then read some more. At 10:30, nothing happened. The judge came back just a few minutes before 11:00. They'd picked one jury for the other judge. One of his trials was canceled because the defendant had entered a plea. The other was canceled because the defendant had failed to appear in court. A warrent had been issued for his arrest.

You'd think that people would know better. Doesn't anyone watch all those shows about bounty hunters and policemen who catch dummies who try to outrun them? Feh. The judge sort of shortled and said that when they got the guy, the next trial would be much shorter.

But the good news was we were all free to go. Wee! I called the Husband, who picked me up and took me to lunch. Bosszilla had some "urgent" stuff for me to do that afternoon (returning his electronic expressway pass and typing a letter, whoo hoo) but before he got back I finished reading my book -- Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde, the last (apparently) in the Thursday Next series. I'm sort of sorry the series is ending, but at least he did a tidy job of it and he did leave some space for more books in that world.

And when I got home there was a long awaited Jammie-Box-o'Wonder in the mailbox for me!

So, really, it wasn't so bad a day.

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