Wednesday, February 28, 2007


There is still much snow in Tahoe on Day 5 of my adventure in cold. It looks a lot like this.
Today I went tubing! Once I worked out the whole "lift butt, don't get braid caught under the tube, don't let go of the tube before you are in it, don't drag your feet, push HARD, don't get stuck" thing, it was a lot of fun. The hike back up the run wasn't so much fun -- the air is kinda thin up here. I think I made a total of 5 runs, but I enjoyed them very much. That is, until I had a really FAST run, hit all the bumps at the end, and got snow up my jacket and in my snow pants. Oh, and in my boot, and in my gloves, and all over my head. Yeah, once you are wet and cold, your fun is pretty much over.As complex as I found tubing, I've pretty much determined that skiing is completely out of the question. Too much to remember.

The rest of the day was spent sightseeing and shopping. We rode up the Gondola at Heavenly and I took several very crappy pictures of the lake until my camera died from lack of new batteries -- the batteries in it were almost a week old!
So I didn't get to take wonderful photos that weren't through scratched plexiglass. The Husband got several.
We did a fair bit of wandering through galleries and shops. I bought new mittems (they were on sale!) which will go home to live with my snow pants until one day they are needed again, but since my gloves have proven themselves less than adequate to wet snow, we figured it was a wise investment.

Only three more days.

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