Monday, February 12, 2007

True Life Confessions

I'm watching The Police be all reunioned thanks to Sol (yer such a guy!) and pondering my longstanding crushie sort of thing for Sting. When I was between 17 and 22, the sound of his voice or the sight of him on a music video was enough to stop me in my tracks. I've spent hours singing along with him in the car. Over the years, the whole fangirl crush thing faded (although I still have the movie book of Brimstone and Treacle).

I outgrew fantasies that included sudden passioante kisses in train cars or backstage. Instead, I wondered what in hell I could possibly say if ever the impossible happened and I was in a possition to have some kind of conversation with him. "Wow! You're taller than I thought. Every time I've seen you, you've been less than 12 inches high. When I've seen you live, you were usually under 4 inches."

Ah, he was so beautiful. And he still looks damn good on stage -- even with the sort of buzzed hair. Those shoulders. Those arms. Those....well, everything.

I feel all 19 again. A little. I wonder how tall he actually is.

Update: Well, they are gonna do a TOUR. Keleios, that's ONE concert I'd go to see. Let's hope for a local date and get tickets early (please let US be in town, too!).

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