Monday, February 12, 2007

Today being my birthday

Again -- it happens every year, you know, about this time. I am 42 today -- which is The Answer, as we all know, even if to the wrong question. Now, if you ask how old I am today, it would be the right answer, but hardly The Ultimate Question.

My haul has been good. Quite a pile of books, a DVD, a CD, wine, chocolate, a new jacket, some socks and PJs, fingerpaints, and a moose bookmark.

All of this made my morning at work a thing cheerfully borne. It's End of Year at Tokyo Place of Business, and Bosszilla is in typical form for much counting and recounting of things -- finished goods, stock inventory, money in and out, name it, we are counting it. I was sentenced to Finished Goods two days last week and today I was put in one of our stock areas where it is all electrical components. Bosszilla has decided to rearrange plant areas, resulting in some people losing separate office space and going to cubicals on the production floor. I used to work in a cubical on the production floor. They are incredibly noisy and I was determined to quit unless I could move to an enclosed office. Bosszilla realized how bad it was when one day he was standing in the doorway of my cube, trying to talk to me, and realized he couldn't hear anything I was saying -- and I was about 7 feet away and not whispering.

In any case, there are some sore feelings about this movement, although Bosszilla is rarely as happy as he is when he can make everyone scurry around like hapless Japanese citizens under his blue-screened reptilian toeclaws. But he is not content, and I got to watch again his seemingly unconsious demands that people do two things at exactly the same time. He requested the women in electronic inventory do inventory -- right away, today, get it done -- and also make the undelivered parts needed to produce a job suddenly appear. And he's still yelling at D-man.

Oh, and I am ESD certified now. I got to wear footstraps and everything. Whoo hoo. Yet another accomplishment to add to my resume.


Alessia Brio said...

Happy Birthday!

Solonor Rasreth said...

Happy birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You act like a monkey
Whoa, dude, deja vu...