Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Grocery shopping is a great opportunity to observe people in all their vague mystery, as long as you aren't between them and the English Muffins. Today, on the way out after the weekly hunting and gathering expedition, I was pushing my cart toward the exit. There, blocking the way rather effectively, was a man with two kids, talking to a woman he had apparently just met in the entrance. Both had empty carts and despite the press of other shoppers around them, showed no inclination to move their conversation to some other area (The wine aisle was pretty empty). The two kids were reading, pressed tight against the cart as if embarrassed to be where they were. If I'd been in any less good a mood, I would have made some appropriate remarks about asses and rudeness, but I didn't. I just waited for my turn to slide between the idiots and the spring plants display.

Just as I was jockying my way around them, the boy said to his father "excuse me", as if he needed to give his father some urgent information -- from the look on his face, I suspect it was something like "I think we are in everyone's way, this woman just about removed my ass with her cart..." His father cut him off and started on a tirade about how that boy was going to learn to be polite and respect other people or...

The irony. It really does taste just like chicken.

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