Friday, February 23, 2007

An Experience in Damned Cold

Tomorrow, the Husband, the MIL, and I will board an airplane that will eventually take us west to Tahoe -- or somewhere nearby. We have to change planes in Los Angeles to fly into Carson City.

Carson City. Sounds like a western movie, or Bogey making up a lie in The Big Sleep. This will be my second stop over in LAX. L.A., at least from the flight paths, looks like a huge collection of concrete boxes, sunbleached and stretching in every direction, punctuated by prop palm trees.

Tahoe will be a whole new place to add to my collection of Places I've Been. There's one mar to my happiness, however. I cannot find my travel journal. It's just a little wirebound notebook with a brown cover, but any time I take a long trip, I like to take it with me to write down whatever pops into my head, or to save little mementos. I don't know where it wandered to and I haven't stopped looking, but I'll be unhappy if I can't find it. I'm just like that.

AH, for how my brain works. I no more than typed the words above when my eye drifted to the TV stand, where I have a bookrack with some notebooks in it. On a whim, I got up, looked at the rack and...there was the journal. Hoooray! My happiness is now complete.

The hardest part about packing for this trip is trying to get everything into three suitcases. That's because we only own three -- two regular sized ones and a smaller one that is currently being stuffed with all the things one needs for playing in snow. Clothes for warm weather are so much SKINNIER than the cold weather stuff, even when packing sweaters in those squeezie "space bags". We are staying at some sort of time share thing and we'll have access to a washer and dryer, so I'm not packing QUITE as much as I would otherwise, but at the same time I have to get The Husband's ski clothes into his bag and whatever doesn't fit goes into mine or the third bag -- plus things like gloves, goggles, scarves, and a few books for me (I swear! I only have 5 books with me and two of them are short!)

Other than that, I'm trying to read the second Dexter book -- Dearly Devoted Dexter -- and it's ooking me out pretty bad. I don't feel comfy reading it when it's dark, and it DEFINATELY won't be traveling with me if I don't finish it today. Too unsettling. I'm not saying it isn't a good read, but being a serial killer mystery with very imaginative killers is working overtime on my little mind.

I don't know if I'll be able to sign on while we are out there. I'm pretty sure there's wireless SOMEWHERE, but how frequently we will be able to access it is an unknown. There's also the whole Freezing Cold aspect. In general, cold isn't a problem for me as long as I'm dressed for it -- I need to cover my hands and feet, and the rest of me adjusts pretty quickly. Husband and the MIL will be skiing most of the time, so I'll be a lot on my own. Maybe I'll get some writing done. I am sure to finish some reading. There will probably be some playing in the snow.

If nothing else, I'll have crappy pictures in a week.

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