Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Thank you, every one, for birthday good wishes, but to clarify -- when I said my birthday started early, I meant WAY early. I'm still a good 6 days from my natal anniversary. although I am in no way opposed to swallowing up the entire month in a celebration of me (and Canuck Girl! Gotta have someone to share the cake -- oh, and LazyGal. Hell, February is thick with cool people.)

The Husband has been giving me "little gifts" this week, sneaking them in when I'm not looking. I got a nice mug with an inspirational Ghandi quote, and a book about language "Bullshit" that is occasionally concise, occasionally funny, and occasionally full of Bullshit, which seems apropos.

And what did I do after his gestures of love? I scolded him about using up stuff in the kitchen that I'd had planned for meals and not warning me. He's doing his best and I can't seem to give up my nagging habit. I need to spend more time being grateful and appreciative of him, and not picking on him.

Speaking of loving gestures, my BIG birthday gift is on its way. Husband bought me participation in the Genographic Project sponsored by National Geographic. I'm waiting for my kit to arrive and I'm really curious to know how it will turn out.

And in the news...is this what the Space Program does to astronauts? And it would have to be a woman to get whacked out like this. Geez! Just what we need. I am embarrassed on several levels because of this event. I guess male astronauts are just as prone to stupidity. Like anyone in a minority knows, what any one person belonging to that minority, good or bad, reflects on everyone else. From the sketchy information in the news story, it looks like Nowak has just come apart on some level. Still, it's sad.

UPDATE: Thank you, Scott! More Amazon Goodness! Not even Bananaman can ruin this!

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