Thursday, February 15, 2007


I had to look that word up because I wanted something other than "random shit" as a title.

Welp, my birthday is over, as is Valentine's Day. I don't get too worked up about the ol' Cupid celebtation. I guess because my birthday comes just before it, I never really noticed any conspicuous lack of anything on VD. I've had plenty with no dates, no flowers, no romance, and yet it never really caused any pressure. Eh, do I care? Not really. After all, the REAL holiday is MY BIRTHDAY. Having that card/flower/candy thing coming right after just makes it easier for others to find something to give me, yes?

Of course.

I am still working inventory at Tokyo. Bosszilla is still stomping around. I am well and truly tired of counting tiny electrical parts and mysterious metal thingies in bags. It's endless and tedious. It's not that I have piles of work on my desk awaiting me. No, Bosszilla has not been in a memo writing mood, despite assorted sparks, a faint radioactive glow, and some rumblings.

It's a week until we leave for Tahoe and much snow. More about that later, as it gets closer and I start making lists.

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