Thursday, January 18, 2007

This Little Life of Mine

Ok, so something that isn't a meme...maybe.

I'm three weeks into the New Life. I'm eating better, I'm exercising almost daily, and I'm going to the gym three times a week. I have to keep it up until the end of the month, and which time I need to renew my resolve.

Yeah, the vague goals are working, so far. Five books read this month. MUCH less candy. Not a single donut and only a few cookies (Kashi cookies, too). I managed some firsts in the food world as well. First time a jar of Nutella lasted more than 2 days around me (it lasted a total of 9 days and I finished it in a deliberate piggie moment.) First time a box of Alpen lasted more than 3 days (it's into a second week now). I've cut back on my Diet Pepsi consumption although PepsiCo has no need to fear. try as I might, coffee and tea just aren't an option. No matter what, I cannot condition myself to drink them.

I've even lost a little weight. Not enough to brag about, oh no. That, too, must wait until the end of the month, when I hope to see my first goal achieved.

Have I cheated? Well, kinda sorta. I'm supposed to do 30 minutes of activity a day -- walking, riding the bike, whatever gets my heartrate up for 30 minutes. Yesterday I walked the grocery store. Not exactly what I was supposed to do, but I let it stand. I was still dragging my ass from my major energy output over the weekend. Despite getting enough sleep every night, my ass required its own little red wagon. If I was still too long, ninja naps would sneak up on me and knock me unconsious. But I feel better today -- my recover time is improving, too. There is hope.

I suppose it should shame me to mention it, but this year is the first time in several years I have taken on solo grocery shopping duties. The Husband took that over at one point and never got rid of it until this year. I'm also doing most of the laundrey and dishes. The house is at a level of clean not seen in ages (although I have to do maintenance soon...this housework thing is endless, oh yes.) I vacuum at least once a week. Truly, this is a sign of the impending Apocalypse if ever there was one.

In general, I'd say this is sort of what I was like about 11 years ago, before The Great Depression. Maybe this means I am actually, fully, completely recovered.

What a thought.

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