Monday, January 01, 2007

"...Promises You Don't Intend To Keep"

What is this thing with New Year's Resolutions? New Year's Day is just an arbitrarily selected moment in a constructed time cycle, a spot where tradition says "when this solar event takes place, count this many light/dark cycles and say our time measurement system chunks up here." I suppose by the power of sympathetic magic or group reality creation, it might feel as if everything is wiped clean and a new start is presented to us, but that's just a mental game. A new start can be whenever we say "I am done with this, now I shall do that" and then we follow through. What is it in our mental makeup that requires waiting for a specific day or that relies on group behavior?

I dunno. It puzzles me.

I've tried the whole "resolutions" thing, year after year. So far, nada. I won't say it's a matter of willpower or won't power or anything like that. So often, things that look perfectly reasonable and attainable in January become unwieldly and complicated by March, and perfectly impossible in May.

Or, as is most likely the case, I've conveniently forgotten I ever thought such a thing by February.

So, I'm not going to resolve anything -- or at least, if I do, I'll take the men's solution to resolutions and pick vague and amorphous things like "be a better person" (when translated into specific actions, does that mean kick fewer dogs or throw quarters at homeless people instead of pennies?) Rather, because I am so addicted to the making of lists, here is the list of things I'd like to have happen and I think I can work toward this year.

Sherri's Vague Goals for 2007

1. Read about half the books on my 2007 reading list
2. Show up at the gym and actually exercise at least once a week
3. Walk around the neighborhood more often
4. Eat one more piece of fruit and one less piece of candy every day
5. Bite my tongue a little more
6. Blame people I love a little less
7. Dejunk so that I own only those things I actually want and use
8. Stop being so scared of doing things for myself and on my own
9. Prepare for change
10. Keep the promises I make for myself with the same assiduousness I do for others.

Let's see how many of these I'll remember by Valentine's Day

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