Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh make up a title for this spot

The weekend was pretty much delicious. I say that while thinking of Saturday night, when The Husband cooked dinner for Evil Book Lady and me. But I'm jumping ahead.

This weekend had been slotted for General Sloth and much computer gaming because it was Double Experience Points Weekend on City of Heroes. Of course, we were not TOTAL sloths. We went to the gym Saturday morning and made the obligatory Lowes and Target runs. A wall mounted storage cabinet in our garage made a suicidal leap sometime this week. The Husband opened the door into the garage -- well, he TRIED to open it, but that's where the cabinet sort of landed.

Anyway, he called me."Honey, did you hear a crash today?"

I walked through the kitchen and stood in the laundry room. "What?"

"A crash. Did you hear a loud crash?"

"I hear crashes all the time. We have cats. I check for blood and get the vacuum."

Anyway, we hadn't been in the garage for a day or two so it could have happened while we were at work. We decided to replace it with some shelves, because the shelves he put into the laundry room (to replace the two wall mounted cabinets that had been there) have made me so deliriously happy. Yes, I love my laundry room now. I actually do laundry without being begged or bribed. There are no swinging cabinet doors to smash my forehead on anymore, and I know where everything is because it's just sitting in neat rows on shelves.

So, one trip to Lowes and a quick stop at Target began our downward spiral. We were hungry by then, our quick but healthy breakfasts hours behind us, so we got Pizza Hut Pan pizzas while at Target. We did, however skip the Cinnabun pretzel and didn't even consider Starbucks. Ya, our local Target is THE Starbucks heart of our little redneck corner of the world. There used to be two kinds of coffee around here -- the expensive, high end stuff at the assorted quirky shoppes in Mt. Dora, and the diner style coffee available at Perkins or the donut shop or Haystacks on the highway. Now most of the little quirky places are gone -- they were Soooo 90's after all -- and we have half a Starbucks in the Target.

We got home and I cracked open our Target purchases. Two new rugs for the kitchen (don't ask), two of those emergency glass breaking hammers for the cars (We watched the Underwater Car episode of Mythbusters and got completely wierded out...ok, we were laying in bed watching on Friday night when we quietly and calmly said "Hey, we should get one of those." "Tomorrow." "Yeah, tomorrow." ). I also bought myself two Big Ben puzzles (and a felt puzzle mat). I've had this thing about wanting to do a jigsaw puzzle for months now, so I picked up a couple of 1000 pc puzzles with pretty pictures on them. The advert foldout informs me how behind the times I am. They make some pretty complex 3-D puzzles. Apparently you can build Manhatten and Venice.

Evil Book Lady showed up after 3 to have an evening of gaming geekiness. She brought incredible chocolate she had picked up for us while she was in Germany late last year, and we immediately devoured the huge Cadbury bar between us. She also brought really good ginger snaps. Thus began our debauchery. We ate and ran around in imaginary Spandex until almost midnight. She went home, but we all met up online fairly early Sunday morning to continue sucking up the double EP goodness. Finally, I declared we Must Take A Walk.

It had gotten a little chilly (in Florida terms, of course -- all temperatures are Florida Relative Temperatures) and the wind was cold, so we threw on jackets and hats and some glow lights. It was already dark and our neighborhood has no sidewalks. It wasn't too bad. We passed a couple of other walkers, wrapped in parkas with the hoods up. We are expecting a freeze tonight. It currently is about 37 F outside -- with the wind, it feels like 28 F.

I know, I know, so many of you tough Northern types would be running around in shorts and a t-shirt yelling for an icy beer and slathering on sunscreen. I am about to shut all the windows and turn the heat on. The cats have formed a pile on the bed and occasionally make pitious shiver-wracked meows. I've put on slippers.

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