Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not In My Back Yard

A casual glance through the Yahoo headlines produced this discovery.

Leggings for Men

My first thought was "The world does not need this much camel toe."

Leggings are barely tolerable for women. I have succumbed to them myself (with big, oversized shirts for those days I do not care). They don't have pockets. They hide nothing. They are subject to terrible abuses (it might be a Southern thing, but I've seen too many women who has not come to terms with her actual body size in public wearing only a tank top and a pair of screamingly tight leggings. Trust me, I am a large woman. Body confidence be damned, it's just plain ugly.) Leggings are really intended for the Very Very Thin, on whom they should be just ever so slightly loose (to avoid revealing Certain Private Information on the state of one's bikini wax). They always look casual and young (in the adolescent sense). There are those of us who really wear them at our own risk. They are not a universally complimentary item of clothing.

On men? In the gym, maybe. For particular sports, ok. But as business attire? As club clothes? Leggings are not, honestly, all that much more comfortable than a pair of sweats or exercise pants. They can be too tight. They can bind. They can pinch. They can make one incredibly conscious of one's ass.

I showed the article to The Husband. It should be noted that The Husband is a man who owns velvet tights that he wears as costume pieces from our Ren Faire days. He regularly wanders the house in a sarong. He almost lives in his assortment of yoga pants. He carries a bag (aka "The Man Purse"). This is NOT a man who is concerned about appearing overtly masculine. Yet his opinion upon studying this particular new foray of fashion was "No way. Looks stupid, especially with the jacket." Oh, and no pockets.

Should leggings take off as a fashion for men, watch closely for the return of purses on men. And rampant, unsavory, unrestrained camel toe.

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