Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jammies Said To

do another meme, so I'm doing another meme. Who am I to argue? Besides, I have house projects to complete. I have no time to think for myself!

Grab the book nearest your computer. List the Title and Author. Turn to page 123. Read past the first 5 sentences, then read the next three. Type out those three sentences in your blog, then tag three bloggers.

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

...A kindness spoken out of reflex, at once impersonal and generous, but by no means bridging the distance established between two people -- it always produces in me that sense of transparency, that deeply moving emotion I was being reminded of right then. An unbearable sense of loss.
"The other day, " I said as we set off, "one morning when I was jogging, I met a strange person on the bridge..."

From pure perversity, I tag Mala, Xolo, and Sara, just for their names being so alliterative together.

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