Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Irritating the Back of Your Neck

I've been tagged again, this time by Lazygal . This is a hard one, because, with my chatty ways and lack of natural restraint, I am hard put to think of something you don't know about me.

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I had a mullet-style haircut many years before such things were part of popular culture. I was 9 (1974) and it came out of a compromise with my mother and a really bad hair cut. It was gone before 1978. It was not, in any way, a "shag", either. That's me, the trend-setter.

2. I've had the same bottle of hairspray in my bathroom since 2000. It's still half full.

3. I read fast, not because I took a speed reading course, but because I tend to read whole phrases or lines. Everything translates into a full sensory picture in my head, though, so I rarely remember seeing any words when I'm reading. (Except for text books and some non-fiction).

4. To remember things, I write them down. I don't usually need to refer to the the note again. Just writing it it seems to put it into long term memory for me.

5. I used to have a hidden link on this blog that lead to a "100 Things About Me" list. I updated the list each year. The changes in New Blogger have made that link not possible. Here's the list.

I don't feel like dragging out my dart gun, but I'll make a general threat. If you did the last meme I put tagged you for, you're tagged. If you didn't do the last meme I tagged you for, you're tagged. If you already did this meme, you're off the hook. If you have something really scary that no one knows, might as well fess up now.

That should get everyone.

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