Sunday, January 14, 2007

In the Cool of the Evening

It's been a long, busy weekend BUT...

1) I have a lovely library (and a lot of files just around the corner to put away. ALL BOOKS ARE ON SHELVES.
2) You can barely walk through the front room for the pile of stuff to be carted to Good Will (or the curb on Tuesday.)
3) We FINALLY have a case that will hold ALL our DVDs. We may not buy another DVD this year.
4) The Husband has his own office again and will have even more of it after we get some stuff on eBay.
5) We have all the stuff to put shelves in the laundry room (NEXT weekend).

Ugh! I've been to Lowes three times this weekend, as well as Office Depot, two different Targets, Pier One, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Circuit City, and even a desperation trip to Wal-Mart (which was playing Elvis at the time on the overhead sound system.) I am so tired right now I am not sure I can drag my sorry self to the bed. My chair has wheels. I wonder...

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