Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hard Choices

In case it escaped your notice all these years I've been burbling on here, in public, I really love books. I mean, I collect books, I read books, I even try to write books. I like to line them up on shelves. I put my books in alphabetical order (in certain cases) or group them by topic. Some I align by size and dust jacket color, because it pleases me. I love me some books.

This means I spend a large portion of our disposable income on books. It's a rare occasion I walk into a book store that I don't walk out with something that looks just like a book. I use a specialized piece of software to track and organize the blinkin' things. My personal library, while not as large as some, is well over 2000 volumes scattered in nearly every room of my house (I think there are only catalogs in the bathrooms at the moment, but I could be wrong).

However, that software program has revealed to me that over half the books I own I have NEVER READ. Now, this isn't THAT surprising, because I do have a husband and he also buys books. Some of the books he buys are not books I want to read. But, that still leaves a good third of the books in my house unread. It's shameful, really.

Thus, I've made some hard choices. I'm selling books *gasp* or giving them away. I might not survive this.

Well, actually, the plan is to use money from selling books on Amazon to finance the buying of any new books. Some books that aren't worth selling will go to Good Will as donations. Some I'm grouping together to auction on eBay (along with some other stuff -- anyone want an Irish Lap Harp, hand made, beautiful except the strings are old, going for about $200 complete with instructional tapes?) It just occured to me that there is Too Much Crap around this house -- too many books I'm haven't read, clothes I don't wear, stuff I don't want to dust and move around. So, there must be a reduction.

I should point out, too, that I'm only selling books I don't want -- books I tried to read and didn't like, books that are duplicates, books I've replaced with omnibus editions, books I got in grab bags and sorted into the "don't want" pile. I was always pretty good about hauling books to the used book store (which is hardly worth it anymore, although I might try with some of these -- we have one of those not far away).

Still, it seems so antithetical to my book collecting ways, so alien. Getting rid of books? Why would I want to do that?

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