Thursday, January 04, 2007

By Request -- a List of Books

I'm almost a compulsive book-lister (sometimes I am too damn lazy to bother). However, because I've had the request, here is the list of books I am currently planning to sell/get rid off. Anything I have listed on Amazon has a link. If you really want one that I don't have yet on Amazon, lemme know, and we'll work something out.

The Wise Woman's Guide to Erotic Videos: 300 Sexy Videos for Every Woman and...
Chakras and Their Archtypes by Wauters, Ambika
The Big Sleep [Paperback] by Chandler, Raymond
My Secret Life (Victorian Erotic Classics) by Walter
The Art of Throwing: Principles & Techniques [Hardcover] by Tedeschi, Marc
IT - The First Truly Modern Ghost Story [Hardcover] by Hawkey, Raymond

The List of Seven - Mark Frost
Angels and DEmons - Dan Brown (tried it, got about 1/3 through, tossed it)
Ghost Story - Peter Straub (not a horror fan, grab bag book)
Prism of the Night: a Biography of Anne Rice (grab bag)
The Love Wife - Gish Jen (was ok, not memorable)
Taking Charge of Your Fertility (don't need THIS anymore)
Why People Don't Heal and How They Can - Caroline Myss (I like this book, which must explain why I have TWO COPIES)
The Wellness Guide to Lifelong Fitness (lots of pictures)
Atkins for Life (I didn't buy it!)
The Good Vibrations Guide to Adult Videos (I have learned I don't really care much for video porn, but this is a list of all the mother-earth, granola goodness porn).

Then, 4 gay male erotica books, mostly SM, of which I read 2 all the way and more or less liked 1, but thought the others were just...stupid. Typical porn writing, though, with better spelling than most.

Mr. Benson - John Preston (this is a classic of the genre, actually, but I've read it and I don't need to read it again.)
In Search of a Master - John Preston ( isn't the gay male part. It isn't the S/M part. It's the stupid storyline part.)
The Initiation of PB500 - Kyle Stone (This is actually a gay male SM erotic Science Fiction novel. I still didn't like it.)
The Citadel - Kyle Stone (bleah)

I also have about 14 books on Manga drawing and art drawing, from the Husband's stash.

There will most likely be more as I continue through this year's book list and shelf combing.

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