Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Year In First Lines

Stolen from Solonor, who cribbed it from someone else, who swiped it from another person, who probably got the idea elsewhere...because, face it, ideas on the Interwebinet are like germs, spreading from doorknob to doorknob...2006 in first lines of posts.

January "I've written over 3000 words since yesterday, and I'm still not done with the story." Top of the Mountain

February "I'm having trouble caring about things right now, in particular things that seem to be so passionately important to so many other people." Apapathetic

"I have germs." Announcement

"...which wasn't actually what I intended to type, but more correctly expresses the event I am trying to describe." -- I Was a Pillow

"Watchin' Otters" -- Where Have I Been

"Husband and I drove 4 hours south to Ft. Lauderdale to hear Fushu Daiko-Taiko."

July "Ok, we are leaving for San Diego (stalkers take note) on the 18th of this month, for 7 days of con geekery and people-we-know-online-meeting." Count Down to San Diego

August "Because there's this Irishman in doubt..." 10 Reasons I Have Cats

September "1) Still doing the application thing." Lessee, Where Am I?

October "Something unexpected from our trip arrived at our house last week and has been residing with us ever since." Just Call Me Snotty

November "Today begins NaNoWriMo." It Begins

December "...once that nothing ever really interesting happens at work, so I don't talk about work much?" Ya Know How I Said

Side note: This is the 1100th post on this blog.

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