Tuesday, December 12, 2006

True Television Confessions

Being home sick gives me lots of time to think of weird-ass, pointless weblog posts. Have you noticed?

I watch very eclectic TV. The Husband and I rarely watch anything on regular networks. I watch a steady diet of both History Channels, the various Discovery channels, TLC , Turner Classic Movies, and National Geographic, with a smattering of Comedy Central, A&E, and...Spike.

Yeah, I said it. I watch, on occasion, Spike TV. The TV for Men.

Well, mostly I watch reruns of old Star Trek:TNG episodes (get off me, I'm a TrekGeek from way back) and Worlds Wildest Police Videos. I watch the Trek for nostalgia and the WWPV for perfect examples of 1) how stupid people can be and 2) everything not to do when you are being chased by police. I consider both to be very important information. It's very comforting, in a way, to realize you are smarter than the average criminal type caught on video. Of course, sometimes wet tissue is smarter than these people.

I don't watch Comedy Central for all the cool stuff everyone else watches. Nope, I turn in strictly when they are showing one of the Blue Collar Comedy shows. Larry the Cable Guy is my least favorite, mostly because I'm related to too many people just like him and it's scary. The rest of them, however, crack my shit UP. I'm especially fond of Bill Engvall because the man keeps his own blog and he has definate Redneck grammar and punctuation skills, which just make me love him more (while restraining my inner editor). Ron White wasn't initially a favorite of mine -- he's very abrasive -- but the more I watch him, the more intelligent and honest and damned FUNNY he gets. And I've always liked Jeff Foxworthy. I grew up surrounded by Rednecks, and while I'm not one myself (I simply don't qualify on enough point) it's all humor to which I can relate. I love me some Rednecks, as long as they aren't sitting on MY couch.

Shows I watch regularly are Mythbusters (aren't you shocked?), The Dog Whisperer, Little People, Big World, and Modern Marvels.

What about you? I know some of you are real addicts. 'Fess up!

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