Tuesday, December 19, 2006

There is No Going Back

Blogger has certainly set things up to be...difficult. I can't rebuild my old template because my HTML skills are not all that strong and they now have this XML thing which I really don't grasp. The templates Blogger provides are pretty much cookie cutter sites, restrained and repetitious.

Bah. I liked my template. I liked it a lot. The pleasure of labeling posts (which is really a lot more work) is NOT worth the trade off. The limited choices of moving this or that around a restricted zone of available locations within Blogger's "Drag and Drop" design ability is boring, dull, and stiff.

I ain't happy. I am backing up my archives, though. I wonder how much I would hate going back to a non-Blogger format?


Scott said...

I can understand Blogger wanting a tighter grip on the code people put up (I've seen quite a lot of badly coded sites), but I don't understand why they had to make everything so difficult. Well, OK, they've dumbed it down, but to get it like you really want it has been made very difficult all of a sudden.

Sherri said...

Incredibly. I wonder how hard it would be to move back to my own webspace?

Lazygal said...

I've actually liked the change - it's easier for me to change things using the modules than it was to scroll through the long template. And you don't have to tag (I do, because I like that ability - just dont' know if they tie into Technorati's stuff)

On the other hand, I don't often read your (or any) blog except through Bloglines, so placement doesn't matter much to me.