Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Star Trek

I just finished watching Mind Meld, the mutual interview between William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. This was done about 5 years ago, so I imagine these two men have undergone a few changes since then (and I am going to have to look for Nimoy's photography). I found some parts of their conversation deeply moving.

It's no secret that I am a lifelong Star Trek fan, ever since Mr. Spock scared my two year old self with his pointy ears. I was always a Spock girl -- Kirk was ok, but not for me. Spock was the one from the time I hit puberty. As a teenager, I read "I Am Not Spock", which was probably the first time I ever thought about an actor as a person, apart from the character I knew. I even read the fairly bad poetry he wrote and published (in fairness, not all of it was bad, and I'm certain every word was sincere, but what I thought was wonderful when I was 16 doesn't read so well now.) I enjoy hearing him talk and reading what he writes. I've watched him in other movies and TV shows over the years, but it is true when I say his work as Mr. Spock has had the longest and deepest effects on my life.

(I do not own any pointed ears, nor have I ever owned Vulcan ears. The only costume ears I ever owned were for a fairy creature role, nothing to do with being green, and I wore them once only because the spirit gum caught my hair. Even I have limits to my geekiness.)

As I was listening to the two men talk, I thought about how many years I've been a fan of the show and how much time I've spend just in thinking about it, one way or another. I've made fun of it and cried over it, cheered for it and been impatient about it, but I still love the original Star Trek I still catch the occasional rerun. And I still love Mr. Spock...although I doubt I could think of three things to say to Mr. Nimoy.

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