Thursday, December 21, 2006

OK, I'm settling in

I've archived all my posts, I have some idea what I need to add and do, and I'm holding out hope that eventually I'll run into someone who can create an XML template that looks JUST LIKE MY OLD TEMPLATE yet uses all this new Blogger niftiness. I've got my Haloscan comments, I've got my Blogrolls, and while I still need to put in a few things here and there, I feel a little better about the whole thing.

Anyway, there have been other things going on. Yesterday was a fill out rampage of Bosszilla over the city of D-man, with me as sole witness, in which the words "You're so fucking stupid" were uttered with nuclear fire breath. D-man actually walked out (in silence) and I thought I might throw up. Today Bosszilla started out all roaring and mean, but someone fed him deviled eggs. Today was the company Christmas luncheon. I have not attended one of those in about 5 years, and I didn't go to many before that, but Bosszilla loves the deviled eggs and he was making jokes and singing all morning. I stayed in my hole and pretended I was invisible. D-man was behaving similarly. I was surprised he was here this morning, really.

And now we are doing panic cleaning and baking for our little Solstice Soiree tomorrow night. There are still boxes to be shoved into the garage and garbage to be gathered, but in general things are in good enough shape for company. I have to vacuum. Then, tomorrow, the cats will be herded into the bedroom, the bird will be put in our shower stall (she's REALLY noisy) and food will be set all over the place for the 20 or so friends who dare the trip to our part of the twigs.

By the way, Happy Solstice! Blessed be.