Tuesday, December 12, 2006

News! Christmas Is Saved!

Or something like that. Seems the furor over the missing Christmas Trees (I suppose it is more correct to call them Holiday Trees, because, really, they show up in settings sacred and secular, often appear in homes that are not really celebrating Christmas -- we do Yule and Solstice here more than Christmas -- and, as I pointed out yesterday, they aren't technically Christian) has resulted in their reinstatement. The rabbi has offered to give the airport an electric menorah to display. There is talk of creating a more inclusive display for next year.

I know it all comes down to the importance of symbols in our society. We use images to represent y complex, multi-layered ideas. The ideas behind the symbols become simplified over time and then, because so many people are not comfortable with thinking (or are too lazy), the symbols BECOMES the ideas. Most of us swallow the symbols we are given whole, without ever taking them apart and seeing what they really mean They come to us from all directions. A lot of them slip by our consious minds and become part of how we see the world without us ever noticing. Stereotypes (which are, in my completely unsubstantiated opinion, a kind of symbol), archtypes (again, another symbol), and various significant images are filtering into our heads constantly.

Oops, almost started a lecture there, and despite all my interest and thought on the subject, I'm not really authoritative enough to do that. Must be the headcold that has taken up residence with me.

Anyway, good on SeaTec. Too bad it took a tantrum to achieve this ending.

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