Monday, December 11, 2006

Cultural Anthropology 101

I love reading Mac for four reasons.

1) She regularly makes me laugh
2) She occasionally pisses me off
3) She usually makes me think
4) She is my main source for news like this

Also, she's a cheese addict, so every time the impulse comes over me to think of her as Mac-n-cheese, I don't feel so guilty.

Anyway, this story about SeaTec (you should note that the MSNBC story has been edited since Mac posted about it) has a little line about "cultural anthropology", implying that it would have been extremely arduous for anyone at SeaTec to be aware of the various religious holidays and provide equal representation.

Well, I dunno about a giant menorah or lawsuits or whatever else, but I do know it took me about 30 seconds to go to Wikipedia, type in "winter holidays" and get this list. Oh yeah, cultural anthropology.

And I suppose it's a bit much to suggest that Christmas Trees aren't really Christian, so this whole brouhaha is kinda strange. I'm not sure that a menorah is really a holy symbol although it is a symbol of Judaism and, in some instances, of Hannukah. (Oh, that took me another 30 seconds of typing into Wikipedia). The point is, now Christians, who are not supposed to worship graven images or idols of any kind, are upset about a symbol and that's getting everyone else upset about their symbols (or lack of representation thereof). But, according to some, taking those trees down is an Anti-Christian act...I suppose that not putting a menorah up (properly Chanukkiyah if Wiki has any weight) might be considered Anti-Semitic in that light. I wonder if the Chinese feel slighted because there are no dumplings?

Wow, all this research really wore me out. I think I need a nap.

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