Thursday, December 14, 2006

Checking In - Thursday Edition

OK, the cold is retreating. I am up to Coughing Out a Lung and Frog Voice, which means I should be reasonably recovered by Saturday. I'm skipping Friday's tech rehearsal -- I can't see driving a 2 hour round trip and standing around for another 2 hours to sing for 10 minutes, and they can do the sound check with three people as well as with four.

Now I need to put on some Real clothes and hit Target for ornament hooks. How can it be that I buy these things every year, and every year I need more? What happens to them? Each year I put the hooks in a zipper bag and each year I can't find that zipper bag until I am taking the tree DOWN, at which time I put the REST in the zipper bag and put it in a box where I think I will find it easily NEXT year...and I never do. What's up with this?

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