Tuesday, December 05, 2006

At least I don't have a radio collar and an ear ID

I've been TAGGED. OK, my top ten Christmas wishes (that are just for me and all about me, so nix on the world peace and hunger things, ok?) of impractical or seemingly impossible things.

1. More self discipline so I could stop wasting time with silly, pointless things and do all the things I keep thinking I should do, like clean the house and get my grad school stuff together.

2. A kitten that I don't have to trade in my husband for. And a puppy. I love my husband, but I love the whole baby animal thing.

3. To go back about 5 years and get pregnant then.

4. A studio release DVD copy of "Apartment For Peggy" with trivia notes.

5. Enough concentration to actually read a whole book again.

6. To sell a short story to a prestigious magazine. For money.

7. To travel around and visit everyone I like without having to drive or fly there. Transporters are ok with me.

8. A maid who would vacuum, mop and sweep all the floors every week. I'll dust and pick up if someone else does the floors.

9. To stop worrying about death.

10. For my teeth to just stay where the braces left them without having to wear that damn retainer.

Hmph. I don't want much, do I?

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