Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ah, Christmas

Tonight we drive to Hamunaptra to spend Christmas withThe Husband's family (I have no family to speak of within about 1000 miles, at least none with whom I will mutually acknowledge existance, much less spend time). Since we are expected to be there tomorrow as well, we shall spend the night.

Neither of us is much looking forward to this evening. Usually, we make quick appearances at these functions, as our presence just causes awkwardness. There is no conversation worth having. As sweet and nice as The Husband's aunts are, we have little in common aside from being related. Conversational topics are limited and carefully controlled to avoid stony silences, awkward pauses, looks of confusion or disgust, and glances toward my mother-in-law that say "Are you sure this man is your son?" all evening.

And then we get to sleep in twin beds. Yay.

Sometimes I wonder what we will do when the MIL passes away and there is no longer the little family we still have. Christmas becomes sadder and sadder for me each year, more about remembering those who aren't here and less about doing things for the people who are. That circle seems to shrink each year. In certain dark moments, I think my life is doing that, too.

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