Saturday, December 02, 2006

Again with the cool kids

Yeah, it's a meme, and I swiped it from Scott at Volume 22 who swiped it from the newly reconstituted Leptard and anyway, here's ten things I like starting with S.

Songs -- I love to sing, and songs are about the best way to accomplish that. Yodeling is not singing (my rules, I make 'em up.) I'll sing most any time, often without really knowing I am. I'm lucky in that I sing mostly in tune and my voice is pleasant. I am, however, a terror on a long car ride with the radio on.

San Diego -- I'd live there if I had the million dollars it takes to rent a shed with a bucket, and a $70,000 a year job that only required me to read things and write about them, and surf the internet a lot. I'd be good with that.

Sugar -- yeah, it's an addiction. I very much like sweet things, especially if they include chocolate.

Science -- in small amounts, and without too much math. I like science especially when the Mythbusters scientifically blow shit up! I was president of my junior high school science club for 2 years. Science is more fun in junior high. It would have been even more fun with explosions.

Science fiction -- sort of goes along, doesn't it? Yeah, authors like Isaac Asimov, Ursula LeGuin, Robert Heinlein and Andre Norton wrote a huge portion of the books I've read.

Sims 2 -- current computer gaming addiction. I like making houses more than micromanaging imaginary lives, though. Telling people when to go to the bathroom is BORING. People should just know that.

Sting -- my first really serious rock star crush. I still think he's pretty hot, and I still admire his talent, but I'm too old for crushes (and so is he.)

Seed Beads - My favorite kind of bead, because I can stitch them together into patterns and so forth. It's like knitting in that I find it very meditative, yet frustrating. I also get into it in moods. Perfect little Japanese made beads create the best stuff. Other kinds of beads are just for stringing, and are therefore mostly boring.

Soft sheets -- 250 thread count and above, cotton, preferably with a polished finish. Yeah, I know. I don't care.

Stuffed animals -- plushies, stuffies, whatever you call them, I collect them. Well, not the usual teddy bears, rabbits, kitties and puppies. This year I added a peacock, an otter, a camel, and Godzilla to my collection.

Ok, you wanna give this meme a try? Letters I'll put out are...

L, T, R, A, P

Leave a comment if you do it ;)

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