Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Statistics of Desperation

Ok, Nano is kicking my butt. The Husband has already faced the reality that he isn't likely to get 20,000 words written in the next four days. He is, however, trying very hard. November was just unusually busy this year. I don' t know why.

Anyway, I finally found a title for my little novel. You can tell how sad my novel is from the title, because I took it from a quote Julia Roberts spoke in the movie "Hook". Yeah, when she was Tinkerbell. Automatic point subtraction for quoting "Hook".

So, here's where I stand currently. I've written 35,375 words as of right this minute. This is where I should have been LAST week. I am hoping to get another 1000 words written tonight. I have 14,635 words to write before midnight on Thursday, all this is over. That means in the next four days, if I don't write anything else tonight, I must churn out 3658.8 words (I don't know about the .8 words. How many letter is that?). I did a total of 2,100 today.

Of course, I'm totally cheating in that I am including notes. I have a lot of notes, dammit, and I'm counting them because they are all related to the story and I TYPED them. Shut up.

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