Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Going To Go

Today was another long day (I did get lunch, though) with me being pulled in as emergency back up for a project that has to -- HAS TO -- go out tomorrow. I didn't stay all evening (as the other person is planning) but I must be in early tomorrow, soo....I'm handing it in. I've spent the day listening to Bosszilla yell, scold and berate assorted people (in the same room, but not involving me. I still find it VERY tense.) SO, no writing yesterday, no writing today, not much chance of writing tomorrow...

I declare myself done.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Another day longer than I had planned, which included a 2 hour drive to pick up a suitcase for Bosszilla and a half hour lunch. Time I thought I'd have for writing -phhhht!- gone.

I wasn't much of a last minute writer in school. I usually had the bulk of any paper done a week ahead and just spent the last minutes actually typing (I was lousy on that manual of mine).

I'm not surrendering quite yet. Once again, I am behind, and I'm tired right now with no thought of trying to write anything. BUT...I can get closer. Not giving up quite yet. I may also take Thursday off and see if last minute panic does any good.

Current word count: 37767. Remaining -- 12,243

We shall see.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Of course

I am 3/4 through the 50,000 words. 37,275 words written. 12, 735 to go.

So, of course, I was asked to work a full day through lunch today. And it was a high stress day so I can't get my brain settled. And I have a rehearsal tonight I wasn't planning on having. And I get to do the work thing tomorrow, too.

So that 3183 words I need to write tonight? Maybe not so much. Bah.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Statistics of Desperation

Ok, Nano is kicking my butt. The Husband has already faced the reality that he isn't likely to get 20,000 words written in the next four days. He is, however, trying very hard. November was just unusually busy this year. I don' t know why.

Anyway, I finally found a title for my little novel. You can tell how sad my novel is from the title, because I took it from a quote Julia Roberts spoke in the movie "Hook". Yeah, when she was Tinkerbell. Automatic point subtraction for quoting "Hook".

So, here's where I stand currently. I've written 35,375 words as of right this minute. This is where I should have been LAST week. I am hoping to get another 1000 words written tonight. I have 14,635 words to write before midnight on Thursday, all this is over. That means in the next four days, if I don't write anything else tonight, I must churn out 3658.8 words (I don't know about the .8 words. How many letter is that?). I did a total of 2,100 today.

Of course, I'm totally cheating in that I am including notes. I have a lot of notes, dammit, and I'm counting them because they are all related to the story and I TYPED them. Shut up.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Long Weekend

Ok, this is the home stretch for NaNo. I didn't manage to restrict everything to the writing journal. In fact, I'm rethinking the writing journal as a...well, I'll talk about that later.

For now...I have 19908 words left to write before November 30th -- that's 6 days. I need to get between 3000 and 4000 words done EACH DAY to make the final goal. Oh, help. That is because I have 6 days where I did NO writing at all, and 8 days that I didn't meet quota. *sigh*

Back to writing.

Update: 33,275 words so far. Over 3000 today, and it was a long, slogging day. This story is not coming together very well, but, damn it, I'm concentrating on the word count. If I can just get over 36,000 tomorrow...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A damn soddy way to behave

If you are a Leptard fan (as I am) you might notice that our favorite blue spotted creature and his favorite Irishman have been spammed mightily, and all the things we know and love have been removed and replaced with nonsense even more low than that polyglot monkeys can create (and much less entertaining). How this is possible, I know not, but it looks very much like a hack-in from some nasty bastard with offensive habits and a likely fungal infection.

For the real thing, check with Brendan here and offer a few words of moral support. Life for the Irishman is a little rocky at the moment, and now this. I'm pulling the fake version that has usurped the proper link from my blogroll until all is rectified.

I do hope that the folks at Blogger will give some attention to this matter as soon as they recover from the annual turkey coma. Time to back up my particular pile of garbage here, too, lest some nefarious scumsucking spammer decide that I require hackage and replacement. What a stinking thing to do. There is no sufficient revenge to be exacted upon the perpetrator(s), but I'd be more than willing to come up with some ideas, especially if I can use a trebuchet. Leptards just love the trebuchet.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


From "My Man Godfrey", 1936 (Starring William Powell and Carole Lombard)

(while standing in the Waldorf hotel bar during a Scavenger hunt)

Mr. Blake: This place slightly resembles an insane asylum.

Mr. Bullock: Well, all you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.

Word Count: 23,061. Should be at: 35,007. Behind by: 11,946. Words remaining to finish: 26,949

Ok, back to writing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Official Weather Report (kinda)

Ok, this is Florida. The one thing we are good at in Florida is Not Being Hot, because it is typically Very Damn Hot in Florida and that's not really comfortable. Being a good American, I'm all about being comfortable. So, I'm really, really good at Not Being Hot. I have a complete range of Not Hot clothes. My house is outfitted with an array of Not Hot creating items like an air conditioner and a variety of fans. I am ready for being Not Hot.

But it is currently very Not Hot right now. It is actually Almost Cold. In Relative to Florida terms, of course. I mean, the humidity is WAY under 50%! (You don't think that's a serious sign of Almost Cold, you should remember that average humidity in this little corner of paradise is around 70%)

Now, yes, I know, for all you lumberjack types in the frigid north, this barely counts as Slightly Chilly. If you were here, you'd be walking around in a tank-t and flip flops and your nipples wouldn't even be hard. But, come August, you would simply cease to exist. Like a snowman, you'd be a little puddle on the car seat and I'd have to WetVac you up and pour you into an ice tray. So, you people who own things like gloves and fleece underwear and have weatherproofed your notebooks to fight off bears in the snow, you can all shut up.

So, right now I have on Wimpy Florida sweatpants, a T-shirt, and actual socks. We aren't sure the heat in the house works, although the weather report has been making threatening Freeze warnings and I am making mental lists of plants that will need to be covered (there are three, I think. I don't mess with plants that are fussy like that.) The Evil Dragon Bird has her heater and cover, the cats have been soaking up sunlight all day, and we even have a little fan with a heater option blowing semi-warm air in the bedroom. I may have to pull out my one sweatshirt tomorrow. One of the cats has claimed my Canadian Fleece Shirt as bedding.

Heating pads, you should know, are wonderful things, even if you have to share them with cats.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lanes in the Sky

After a morning of cleaning the house, the garage, and the yard, The Husband and MIL (who came over to help) and I went BOWLING.

Yeah, a pseudo sporting/exercise-like activity. I have not been bowling in nearly 8 years, and I was never very good at it to begin with. The Husband and I used to go frequently way back when, and we had a good time. So, we decided to go again.

We played two games. My parents, blue collar people that they were, took bowling very seriously. My mother had a huge collection of trophies (all gone now) and my dad had a few, too. I spent a lot of hours as a kid at the Sky Lanes Bowling Alley.

I never really bowled. I am not sure why. I suspect that it was something my parents did to forget about being parents or people will jobs and a mortgage and a dissolving marriage.

Anyway, The Husband and MIL are both good bowlers. I'm not sure why MIL bowls. Certainly, you wouldn't think of it. She also plays golf and tennis, which are usually considered antithetical to bowling. I know The Husband's father was in the military for years, and bowling tends to go with being in the military, especially in the 50's and 60's. I am not so great a bowler (I know, you are shocked) but I'm shaping up respectably. I only fell once. I have an amazing gutter ball trick, too -- the ball goes straight for the gutter, then, at the last minute, bounces and takes out 3-5 pins. I can sometimes pick up a spare that way. It's amazing. I have no idea how I do it.

Of course, in the first game I was lowest score (The Husband and MIL went bowling a couple weeks ago when I was at a workshop, so were brushed up). However, by the second game I was working out a few problems (which is why I fell -- trying to correct too many things at one time) and I not only broke 100, but I scored HIGHER than the MIL. I even got a couple of strikes (that weren't COMPLETELY luck). We'll probably go again.

My bowling shoes are super comfortable, too.

NaNo Update: 18,786 words. Still way behind, and got nothing written yesterday, and rehearsal tonight. But I'm off work this week (so far) so...time to buckle down!

Friday, November 17, 2006

PoPo Purree

Or however you spell a stolen French word with negative connotations anyway. If it isn't spelled anything close to how it is pronounced, it's usually French derived, unless of course it is one of those words like "caught". Thus is spelling so interesting. Do they have spelling bees in China?

Jammies once again has directed me toward something snorkable. At one time it makes me miss the dogs I have had , and grateful that I am without canine.

Roto Rooter is doing the rooter thing in front of the house. I am staying in the bedroom. The noise has scared all the cats. I don't blame them.

Word count is slowly growing. Very slowly. I am writing a lot more here than I thought I would, mostly because it's a way to procrastinate and yet produce something. Current total is 14,802, whereas it SHOULD be 28,339 (I have this precisely calculated on a spreadsheet, complete with graphs.) That means I have to write13,537 words to get caught up to even. I've got 35,208 to complete the challenge.

Aren't spread sheets fun ways to track one's failures? I should do another graph while I wait for Chapter 6 to formulate in my head. Or I should just write it and see if anything shows up.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not only Stupid and Expoitive, but Offensive, too!

Jammies: Oh dear

Me: what?

Jammies: Oh dear oh dear oh DEAR.

Me: Oh good lord

Jammies: Yes.
Jammies: Anyone who buys this stuff should have the bottle stuffed up their ass sans lube.

Me: Big end first

Jammies: -)) I do LOVE you!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In leu of anything more substantial -- a Meme

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

I am now over 10,000 words. If I could cough up another 10,000 today, I'd be almost caught up.

Update: I'm at 12140 words. I'm SUPPOSED to be at 25005. I'm not working tomorrow. Let's see how far I get.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Little light

Hokay, got the whole Golf Extraveganza nonsense completed this morning and -- HURRAY -- didn't have to stay all day (like I did yesterday) doing the incredibly mind numbing tasks of putting cards into boxes or sticking stickers to little golf information booklets. Hours and hours and hours.....

Oh, and the novel is beginning to emerge. Characters are popping up all over the place, a few ideas are percolating, and I'm kind of curious about how things will work out. I'm WAY behind word count, but I'm trying to sneak up on it.

Just as a break, we went to Borders last night (to sit in the cafe and type, which got another 1200 words) and I picked up the NaNo Writing kit -- very cute, with some goodies in it, mostly just for fun. I want the No Plot! No Problem book now -- and another book I've been looking at called The 3AM Epiphany, which is a collection of interesting prompts and writing exercises. I'm kinda jonsing to play with that, but there's this WORD COUNT GOAL I've committed to making. We also picked up a HUGE coffee table book on Art Deco (just the whole thing in general) for The Husband's research. Apparently the archetectural style of that movement figures prominently in his story. I just like the pictures, as it is probably my favorite period for decorative arts.

*sigh* I'm even having to do research on this story. Why can't THAT count toward my goal? Blessed be Wikipedia. I've already pulled out the note cards, only I can't bring myself to move notes to them because, damn it all, then it doesn't count toward that total. I wrote 'em, and they are GONNA count.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This is NOT how it is supposed to work

Ok, the NaNoWriMo thing is not going so well, mostly due to a huge case of don't-care. Why? I ask myself this several times a day. Here are some possible reasons.

1) I'd rather play Sims. Virtual lives are more interesting than what I've got.
2) I am doing the most tedious, time consuming stuff at work --- helping Bosszilla prepare for his upcoming golf tournament thingie by doing all the paperwork involved and redoing it everytime someone changes their tiny minds; making and printing forms and signs every time he thinks of a new one;, doing arts-n-crafts to cover assorted boxes for collecting info, doing a raffle, and some other things; putting stickers on metal golf markers; putting said markers and a collection of golf tees into 144 little organza bags and tying those bags shut; sorting a custom made deck of cards into about 150 packs, a task still not finished (also helping to print and fabricate said cards, the boxes for the cards, and the seals for the boxes). This has required one Saturday from 6 to 2, one evening from 7 to 11, one early morning, and a lot of crazed bugging from my boss trying to tell me/ask me how to do things until he remembers that I AM competent and can do this faster if he just goes into his office and plays video poker.
3) I've got no real ideas and even pretending just to put words out isn't much good.
4) I did this last year and somehow what worked last year isn't going to work this year. I should do something else.

Who knows what it is? But I'm about to dive into it again. I'm very far behind my word count goals, but, hell, I might make it up.

I'd still rather play Sims, though.

I'm sort of brain numb.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Not a word on the novel typed this week. Extra hours at work. The office is reasonably ready for rehabitation, but the bed is more comfortable for the sore back and hips I have.

And that's about all the whining I am up for. I have to be at work tomorrow, 6 am. On a Saturday.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Preserving my Rights

I woke up early this morning and faced the world soley to protect my right to bitch (and bitch loudly) about all things government related. I've actually paid some attention to state and local politicks (well, as much as I could stand) so that I could make some relative sense of the situation. I can't say I recognised everything on the ballot (who are all these judges anyway?) but I went through the ballot, made my choices, and pressed the "VOTE NOW" button.

I suffer from no delusion that my choices will effect great and positive change in this nation. I feel more convinced than ever that now politicians are simply in business to be politicians, which means perpetuating their own jobs via whatever means allowed under the strange and contradictory rules and expectations we the people have created (via our friends in the media). However, I am not prepared nor do I accept that armed revolution is, in this day and age, an acceptable solution. In fact, I'm also convinced that killing the people who disagree with me is a very bad idea, however tempting it is during moments of high frustration. If I don't believe others should be allowed to kill (or imprison, torture, impoverish, silence, etc.) me because we do not agree, I can't expect that for myself, right?

I've got a pretty good idea of what "equal treatment" means.

Anyway, I went to the polls and I voted. I voiced an opinion, however ignored it may be by power brokers and people with strings in their hands. I don't have the answers to cure all the worlds ills, although I think I've got a few ideas most people don't really want to accept. But I did it. I voted, for the only honest, solid reason I can present.

The bitching will now commence.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Where's my "Victim" hat?

I consider myself a recovering victim. That is, I have worked over the last 10 years or so to throw off the mental image of myself as someone powerless, in the grip of forces she doesn't understand and cannot control. You know, the whole "poor little me" thing. Like many other recovering addicts, I can't tolerate being around others who have that viewpoint. I don't want to be around them, because it's damned hard to resist sliding back into that kind of life.

However, I'm about to look for my membership card. I'm feeling pitiful in a minor way. Mostly, I'm feeling annoyed and due for a good, long whine.

It's like this. After spending a weekend being completely useless and hardly moving more than necessary to get food or go to the toilet, I got energetic today. I decided that if my office was going to get clean, I was going to have to clean it. (Duh!). So I go in to put some stuff away. I actually got a few things done, a few boxes put away, some decisions on disposal made.

And now I have sciatica pains going down my left leg. I'm pissed. I'm really pissed. I've already taken my daily allotment of Aleve for a sinus headache (we have a front moving through) and apparently it was all used up on that, with none left over for hip and back.

So I still don't have a clearing in my office, and I hurt. I'm going to feel sorry for myself for a while now. I'll get back to you.

*Update: Cinnamon JuJuBears from Ohio will cure most anything.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

And I didn't

Tomorrow night I have a rehearsal with the one ensemble in the OGC that couldn't or didn't replace me. I have the CD and the music, and I've been a total slack ass about learning it. So, tomorrow afternoon I must spend a little quality time.

I don't really want to, you know. I made a promise that I will keep, and I do enjoy the people in the ensemble, but I'm OVER performing. At some point, the stress of preparation became greater than the joy of the performance. It may cycle back around -- I seem to operate that way -- but right now my lazy ass would rather be in my chair instead of doing something creative, socially involved and active. There's that line between doing something for fun and having it turn into work. Now it's work. At least there aren't that many rehearsals. I just need to learn the music. Happily, it's a simple song.

I wasted the weekend in fine style. I think I accomplished changing the sheets on the bed and staring long hours at this novel. That's being hard going. *sigh* No, not here, not going to talk about this thing at the center of my life here.

So, I didn't do laundry, I didn't pick up, I didn't vacuum, I didn't iron, I didn't watch any movies, I didn't read a book, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It Begins

Today begins NaNoWriMo. I'm planning to pick a prompt and attempt to scribble some words about it, just to see if a story shows up. I never know. Planning too far in advance is a good way for me to fail, it seems, but jumping into the water without a bathing suit and a flotation device has perils also.

To spare you all my moaning, groaning, and word counts, I'll restrict my posting to my writing journal. You're welcome.

However, since the words I type here do NOT count toward my total, there may not be many of them. This might change if something interesting happens, but don't count on it.