Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why Quiz?

My little quiz seems to be slowly making its way around, mostly due to B and his posting (I mean, outside of you guys, who has heard of me?) This has fulfilled a happy, personal goal. You see, I'm damned nosy, which is why I have a Sitemeter and the Who Links thing and some other goodies hidden around. If someone posts a comment or makes a link to this site, chances are good I may like THEIR site. So, I run on over and take a peek. If I'm not instantly revulsed (dancing rainbows, twinkly little music tracks, pink on neon green, etc.) I stick it in my Fave's list to visit later.

I've discovered a handful of REALLY interesting sites (that means I really laughed or shook my head, or the writer is reading the same book I am) , another handful of kinda interesting sites ( smiled, and the writer used complete sentences) , and a couple of sites I really don't know for sure about yet, but something could happen any day(I could NOT identify the pictures). Some are popping up on my blogroll, so keep an eye on that magic list. (Oh, yeah, more magical than the tooth fairy).

See? You were all little minions in my evil plans. Thanks.

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