Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why Blog? Quiz

Why Blog? Quiz And remember, be honest. This is for posterity...

1) Why do you keep your weblog/blog/online writing thingie: for fun, for fame, for money, for popularity, or for another more obscur reason? What about the weblog gives you what you want?

I keep a weblog because I fear being unheard, forgotten, or having all sign of my existance disappear after my death. Also, I like to type. I don't know if the weblog will supply my needs to endure, but it provides me a lot of opportunity to type.

2) Imagine that your weblog becomes wildly popular: your hit counter skyrockets, your comments are overflowing, and everyone is emailing you about everything you post. Name 3 positive things that could come of this, and 3negative things.

- I'd be talking to and listening to a lot of people
- I'd be getting a lot of attention, which is a huge ego feed
- I'd be in the position to learn a lot and share what I know

- I'd be talking to and listening to A LOT OF PEOPLE -- eventually it would become overwhelming, since I'd feel compelled to respond to everyone
- I'd be getting A LOT OF ATTENTION, and some of it is bound to be negative, and despite a "fuck you" attitude, it will still hurt
- I'd be subjected to exposure to a lot of stupidity and given lots of opportunity to say really stupid things I'd regret later

3) What's the worst possible result you can imagine (short of being electrocuted or having your computer take over your brain, and who says it hasn't already?) from keeping a weblog?

Having someone hate me so much they stalk me down and shoot me dead, or nearly dead (I live in Florida, and it's a scary thought). On a lesser scale, I'd say something that would deeply offend someone I admire and care about.

4) What do you do to prevent that worst possible result from happening?

Healthy paranoia for the first one. Being fairly circumspect and almost never writing about what I think of people, or about other people at all for the second.

5) List 5 reasons that would make you stop keeping your weblog for a period of 6months to a year.

- not getting anything back from doing it has put me on long hiatus before
- being shot but not killed and maybe only wounded might slow me down for a while
- getting into an MFA program could put a real crimp in my weblog writing
- Losing my computer, but really, I'd sell some jewelry to buy a new computer
- can't think of a fifth one

6) List 5 reasons that would make you stop forever.

- again, being shot and killed would put a stop to things. Really, I think about that.
- death by other means. At this point, I can't see much else that would stop me.

7) Describe your definition of a "successful weblog".

"Success" means that I'm writing and other people are writing back, which means they are also reading. IT means I'm still interested in doing the writing. It means I control the weblog, it does not control me.

8) Is yours successful by your definition?

More or less. Not wildly, but enough to keep me going.

9) What pisses you off most in other weblogs? What pleases you most?

Certain things will make me stop reading a weblog -- nattering about details and problems with no sign of introspection or self awareness gets tedious. Trainwrecks are as bad as unremitting rainbows and sunshine. Being unmercilfully vague bores me. Being clever by being mean and nasty, snarky and cruel, especially when the attempts at humor are all bloodstained. Constant fart jokes. Black on black web designs, or anything that combines hot pink, lime green, purple or baby blue on one page. Any site that forces me to listen to music or watch animations.

What I like is honesty, humor, thinking about life, solving problems (or at least learning that not every problem is someone else's fault), not being too deadly serious. Decent grammar, reasonable spelling, and solid attempts at puntuation attract me -- I can forgive typos, but not rampant disregard. I like sites where the author talks back and tries to connect with readers. I like stories, I like rambling, I like pictures (even of terribly cute pets) and I like snippets of what the writer likes -- music, books, movies, TV shows, food, whatever. Clean, uncluttered, easy to use design is a plus, but I've wrestled awkward sites to read good stuff.

10) Make a list of 10 weblogs/journal style websites that you wish your weblog/website/writing site was like.

If it's on my blogroll, with one exception, it's a site where I find something I really like. The one exception is a single obligatory link to my Husband's website, and we need not go into that, I think it's self-evident. If I had to narrow it down just in terms of the writing, though, these are the ones I'm really wishing I could be like.
  • Chez Miscarriage -- there's a bookdeal in her future. Or there should be.
  • A Boy and His Computer -- as much for the discussions as the posts. In fact, more for the discussions. But without the posts there would be no discussion, so...
  • Darn Tootin' -- another book deal worthy writer, only he's kinda popular, but that's ok, it hasn't gone to his head.
  • I Can't Even Float In Water This Deep -- her completely whacked out humor just intrigues me no end. Oh, and the PAINT pictures.
  • JadedJu -- She's got an easy style that I evilly hope she slaves to produce
  • Temporary Trouble Spots -- it's the bitter, bitter humor
  • Trout Fishing -- B-squared is one of my weblog inspirations, despite his own troubled relationship -- or perhaps because of it -- with the medium
That is not ten, I know, but a few sites are in the Early Consideration Stages, where I am watching what gets posted before forming a final opinion. However, if it is on my blogroll, I read it at least once a week. Some I hit several times a day.

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