Monday, May 16, 2005


I am humiliated.

Oh, not from the workshop. That was someone else's story, and between long silences we talked about it some. We are not a chatty group.

And not about the reading, which was quite good.

Not even about breaking the little lamp I brought when I hit it with my giant bag of holding.

Oh no. It's my manuscript.

You see, this story I submitted is an older one, and was one lost in last year's Giant Hard Drive Mishap. I had to retype it from an old draft. I couldn't really get anyone to proof it, and I'd done what I could. It is, however, impossible to really proof one's own work.

I'm finding all those typos now. I could vomit. It's abysmal. This particular story had been proofed and in final draft form before. Now...ugh. I just cannot fully express the horror.

Anyway, I will talk to the group leader tomorrow and get fresh, clean, mostly proofed copies to the group. I could still vomit.

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