Thursday, May 26, 2005

Step 1 of the Big Project

Ok, I'm working on that check list. I've done preliminary research on 7 low residency programs. I know there are a couple more I need to check out but at least now I have information on its way to me.

I also did revisions on a manuscript that I may use. Now to get a friend of mine, who is also a teacher and a talented writer, to read it for me, or, if she cannot, someone else who's a worthwhile critic.

Next step will be to contact my "Alma Mater" (Latin is so handy this way) to get those transcripts and such that I will need. I have one potential recommendation letter writer, and I might be able to wangle another from an old professor. Lordie, that may be the hardest part, next to the essay.

The essay. Getting completely stuck on the final essay was what came between me and finishing my writing minor, but there were extenuating circumstances in play, too (like a crushing clinical depression). I quaver in fear about that essay.

Anyway, first baby steps accomplished.

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